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QTS Global




In the dynamic world of IT solutions, QTS Global has emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability.

With a commitment to making TI easy everywhere and every time, QTS Global sought to elevate its brand presence through a captivating 2D animated explainer video. This case study delves into the journey of crafting an engaging narrative that embodies the essence of QTS Global's mission and values.commitment to client satisfaction.

Client Background

QTS Global, a seasoned player in the IT industry for over two decades, specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to multinational companies.

With a relentless focus on simplifying complex TI challenges, QTS Global has earned a reputation for its expertise, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Our Approach

Step 1. Understanding Client Requirements:
We conducted in-depth consultations with the QTS Global team to grasp their vision, goals, and target audience demographics.

Step 2.Research & Storyboarding:
Our team conducted thorough market research to identify industry trends, pain points, and consumer preferences. We then crafted a compelling storyboard that outlined the narrative arc and visual elements.

Step 3.Illustration:
With the storyboard as our guide, our illustrators meticulously designed characters, backgrounds, and props that reflected QTS Global's brand identity and values.

Step 4: Animation:
Leveraging cutting-edge animation software, we brought the illustrations to life, infusing each frame with energy, humor, and personality.

Step 5: Finalization:
We incorporated sound effects, background music, and a professional voice-over to add depth and emotion to the video. Through multiple rounds of feedback and revisions, we ensured that the final product exceeded client expectations.


The resulting 2D animated brand explainer video captivated audiences with its vibrant visuals, relatable characters, and compelling storytelling. By seamlessly weaving together narrative elements with QTS Global's core message of simplifying TI challenges, the video effectively educated viewers about the brand's offerings while fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

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Client Feedback

"We're absolutely thrilled with the brand explainer video! The team understood our vision perfectly and brought it to life with vibrant animation and engaging storytelling. It's already resonating with our audience, and we're excited to see the impact. We're looking forward to future collaborations!"